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Have you purchased Denis' book on acting yet?

From Amazon: "Denis is a great actor and he’s always been my inspiration, since I was a child… He’s the only person really in the world who I discuss acting with if I feel that I’m stuck. I love watching him still." - Ewan McGregor, from the foreword

Drawing on his lifetime career in front of the camera (and sometimes behind it), Denis Lawson offers a wonderfully accessible introduction to acting for film and TV. For the young actor hoping to break into the industry – whether in a drama series, soap or sitcom – this book is the ultimate insider’s guide.

The author takes us on a guided tour of the film or TV set from day one. We meet the various members of the crew, from the director of photography to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd ADs, and learn what each of them does – and how to get the most from them in your work as an actor. Then comes the actual business of shooting the scenes, beginning with readthroughs and rehearsals (if there are any), on to hitting your mark and getting your …

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